Now Make One Full-Size: A 1/3 Scale Radio Controlled Truck

April 20, 2017


This is the 1/3 scale Rewarron radio controlled truck available for pre-order from Mammuth Works. It costs $5,250 and is powered by a single cylinder, 4 stroke, 270cc engine and traditional radio controls. It weighs 170kg (~375-pounds), leading at least one blogger to speculate if he couldn't ride it to the beer store after work. Still, that is not an R/C I'd like to accidentally get hit in the shin with. You could terrorize people with an R/C car like this. "And that's exactly what you plan to do." Yep! Neighbors will be terrified to go fetch the morning paper with my Rewarron on the prowl. "You sure about that?" No, the morning paper comes too early for me to realistically be awake and in battle mode. What's something people do outside after say, 2PM? "Come home from work." And when they do, I'll be waiting. Presumably in a kiddie pool full of ice and Coors Light cans.

Keep going for a handful more shots and a couple videos.






Thanks to Davey, who's already drawn sketches for how he's going to mod his with a beach chair and cooler.

  • limon
  • TheQiwiMan

    What is this? A car for ANTS??

  • GeneralDisorder

    No. I'd say it's for cats. Maybe small dogs.

  • Guesticle

    for some reason I always underestimate how much larger something is going to be when told it's 3x the size.

  • Jenness

    "It costs $5,250" That is a hell of a lot of money to spend on something you can't ride on. Real cars can be bought for that.

  • GeneralDisorder

    You can't buy a real trophy truck, baja buggy, short course truck or prerunner for that... Unless it's rusted to hell. Then maybe.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That's a fairly good point.

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