Nine Star Trek Spaceships Reimagined As Cars

April 20, 2017


These are nine Star Trek spaceships reimagined as road vehicles by the folks at Australian-based insurance provider Budget Direct. They might have all been designed in an hour total, not practical in any way, or even vehicles you'd actually want to be seen in, but it looks like a couple of them would at least make decent Hot Wheels cars. And you know how I feel about Hot Wheels cars. "You like to bite the wheels off and eat them." That's exactly right!

Keep going for the other eight.









Thanks to Amit, for inspiring me to spend 40 minutes in Microsoft Paint designing a kick-ass USS Enterprise monster truck.

  • Homestar kind of dumb.

  • Didn't Batman drive the last one?

  • TOM AG

    Hopefully these are some new Rocket league cars.

  • MikeVeesnuts

    but, why, tho?

  • Will Chamberland

    This is when jocks try and make trek 'cool'

  • Leonardo Carneiro

    i want those in rocketleague =D

  • TJ Wilferd

    I kind of like some of them, but not diggin the lack of actual wheels, even taking into consideration they are future concept cars. Plus no car version of the Sovereign class? That's one of the sleekest Starfleet ships!

  • RacKAttacK

    just mailed it in on the Borg cube......

  • Michael Knight

    the klingon bird of prey concept wasn't thought out too well.... fire those guns and you shoot out your front tires!

  • Jenness

    How big are they supposed to be because the first Enterprise, it looks impossible for a human to sit in that much less drive it around.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Size queen.... always worried about sizes..

  • Jenness

    Hey, this reminds me. I bet you didn't know this but..>

    You're welcome "MUAHHHH"

  • James Mcelroy


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