'Spiked Lemonade'?: Mountain Dew's New Line Of Alcohol Inspired Non-Alcoholic Sodas

April 7, 2017


Mountain Dew has just announced the release of four new sure-to-be-short-lived flavors of soda. The additions to the lineup all appear to be alcohol themed and include Green Label (Mountain Dew with green apple/kiwi), Mountain Dew White Label (Mountain Dew with tropical citrus) and two Spiked Lemonades: regular lemonade and rasberry-lemonade flavors, each "spiked" with a shot of prickly pair juice. Yeah, that is not what spiked means. Still, I'll give Mountain Dew the benefit of the doubt and assume these were all designed to sell to underage consumers to mix with hard alcohol at high school and college parties. Plus me, I'll drink anything. *tilting back bottle* "Ooooh, kambucha with chai seeds -- nice choice." What? No, this is Kool-Aid and frog eggs.

Thanks to Rem, who agrees it's only a matter of time before they release 'Not Your Father's Mountain Dew'.

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