Mother In Japan Tries To Sell Son's Magic: The Gathering Card Collection, Unaware of $5,000 Card

April 12, 2017


After her son moved out, a mother in Japan recently tried selling his Magic: The Gathering card collection on Yahoo Auctions without realizing (and why would she?) the collection included a white border Black Lotus card (middle row, far right) worth between $4,000 and $6,000. *shaking head* I used to have one too before I put it between the spokes of my bicycle.

"No claim, no return," she wrote, seeming to want to offload the old cards with bidding starting only at 1,000 yen (US$9).

With five days still left to go, the auction had reached 601,000 yen ($5,475) on April 11 when the mom posted an update. "I apologize to those who placed bids," she wrote on the auction page, "but I put these up without knowing they had this much value."

The mom added that her son had called and yelled at her. "With my family on the brink of collapse, I'm calling off this auction." She continued that she felt terrible for letting everyone down and causing trouble.

"Today," she added, "my son said he's coming to pick up his cards."

First of all, this is the son's fault for not taking his card collection with him when he moved out, especially if he knew he had a $5,000 card (which I'm not convinced he did). Things you want to keep you don't just leave in a shoebox in the closet of your old bedroom. Your parents' house is not a storage unit. Except mine, my parents have tons of extra space and are way more understanding. Isn't that right, dad? "I got $22 for your Beanie Baby collection." But I had six Princess Dianas!

Thanks to Bri, who agrees she should have just let the auction run and split the proceeds with her son 80/20 because she birthed him and he owes her.

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