Looks Fun, Questionable: New 'Flying Car' Demonstration

April 25, 2017


This is a promotional video for the Flyer from 'personal aviation' startup Kitty Hawk. It's basically a giant electric octocopter with pontoons, capable of lifting a single rider. Allegedly be available for purchase later this year, although no word on price. No pilot's license is required (that's a plus, since I don't have one) to fly the FAA designated ultralight aircraft, and it was specifically designed to be flown over water. That makes it the perfect choice for a person who needs to commute from one side of the lake to the other, and is terrified of boats but not getting chopped into pieces by massive, spinning rotors. Honestly, it looks like a lot of fun, it's just not the flying car I was hoping for. Does it even have a stereo? Would you even be able to hear it if it did? Also, I need two seats minimum, one for me, and one for-- "The girl you're trying to impress?" What? No -- my dog. One for me, one for my dog. Besides, she's already as impressed as she could possibly be with me because I know how to open the refrigerator. That shit blows her little walnut mind.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DM, anthony and Tuv, who want to know what happens when a fish jumps out of the water into one of your rotors. "Sushi." That's what I thought too.

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