LEGO's 1,969 Piece Saturn V Rocket Set Stands Over 3-Feet Tall

April 28, 2017


This is the LEGO Saturn V rocket set being released June 1st. The set stands over 39-inches tall, is a 1:110 scale replica, contains 1,969 pieces (presumably a reference to the year a Saturn V was used to put the first men on the moon), and will cost $120. The rocket breaks into three separate sections for a horizontal desk display, much like how NASA displays the three remaining Saturn V rockets in the United States. Now -- I know what you're thinking, but no, the LEGO Saturn V will not make a good sex toy. Could you imagine going to the doctor with the top third of a plastic rocket in your anus? That's a no-no. At least with your family doctor, go to someone you don't know or will ever have to see again. Plus wrap your head in aluminum foil and insist you're a robot just to be safe.

Keep going for a shot of the packaging and rocket in horizontal display mode.


Thanks to Gregory, who's holding out for 1:2 scale version he can actually live in and play space all the time. I love playing space!

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