Knife Angel, A Statue Made From 100,000 Knives Collected By Police

April 7, 2017


Note: Larger picture HERE in case you want to count the knives.

This is the Knife Angel, a 27-foot angel sculpture made from 100,000 knives collected by 41 different police forces across the UK, as a tribute to victims of knife crimes. Obviously, along with the Iron Throne, that is not something you want falling on top of you.

The 27-foot sculpture made out of 100,000 knives could be placed on the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square in tribute to victims of knife crime.

The sculpture, named "Knife Angel," was created in Oswestry, Shropshire, by the British Ironwork Centre. It took two years to build.

The campaign, "Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife," and the statue aims to raise awareness of the growing issue of knife crime throughout the UK.

Me? I've committed tons of knife crimes, but only accidentally and only against myself playing the knife game between my fingers. And, okay, opening a few unruly potato chip bags. You see this scar here, just below my throat? "Cooler Ranch Doritos?" Those sons of bitches almost got me.

Thanks to Gabe, who just poked me with the rusty top of a tuna can. Not cool, bro, I haven't had a tetanus shot since I was six.

  • Stefan Thomas

    I have been reading Geekologie for years and never thought my hometown (Oswestry, UK) would get a mention... so proud!

  • Jenness

    Beautiful and Ouchy

  • Bling Nye

    Why does its face look like it's reproaching me for not stabbing someone...?

    Oh wait, I read that as, " tribute to knife crime."


  • Jan Bergström
  • TheQiwiMan

    "Collected" sounds so benign.

    "Confiscated", "stolen", or "taken by threat of violence" are all a bit more accurate. (but we all know cops are 100% perfect and incorruptible, so who cares how much they take from people accused of something, right?)

  • Benmark

    Looks like you're wrong about something else. You're such a fucking loser.

  • TheQiwiMan


    This fukin retard again.... How many fake accounts do you even have, you pathetic loser?

    You gunna delete your comment and run away again, little mouth-breathing imbecile?

    Do the world a favor and drink a gallon of bleach, little guy. :-D

  • GeneralDisorder

    It was the UK. They have a real hard-on for disarming the general populace. What's that? Kitchen knife? You better be a chef!

    In all seriousness, it sounds like a fun place to visit but I like cheap fuel and cheap automatic firearms so I'll stay in the US.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    They are actually collected - it's the result of a knife amnesty, where people can hand in any knives to police without question. It takes knives out of circulation.

  • Benmark

    People have no regard for victims. This world is sick.

  • dougfunnay

    an angel of death
    how appropriate

  • GeneralDisorder

    To quote Glen Danzig "Dark Angel! White Angel! Kneel down and lick from the razor!"

    This is pretty good. Well made. I'd bet someone else's money that the vast majority of those knives are cheap mall ninja shit (shout out to /r/mallninjashit)

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