Jurassic Parkour: A T-Rex Costume Parkour Chase Through Some Of The Movie Sets

April 4, 2017


This is Jurassic Parkour, a parkour video of a man in a t-rex costume chasing a Chris Pratt-like character through some of the original sets of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. I thought the production value was high, along with everybody involved with the project. I also kinda felt like this was a four minute commercial for how beautiful Hawaii is, which everybody already knows. If you asked ten people around you right now where the most beautiful place they've ever been is, six would say Hawaii, one would say Jamaica, one would say the Virgin Islands, the most pretentious of the group would say Fiji, and one would say outerspace because I've really been there before and it's amazing.

Keep going for the video while I practice backflipping off my office chair and breaking my ankles and collecting workman's comp.

Thanks to redeyes, who's hopefully wearing those Halloween contacts because you're kind of freaking me out your eyes are red-red.

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