InflataBull: An Inflatable Bull-Riding Pool Float

April 6, 2017


This is the $50 InflataBull, a pool float that kinda sorta but not really mimics riding a mechanical bull when you sit on top and all your friends yank the handles attached to the outer ring. Not to brag or anything, but I guarantee I could hang on for all eight seconds with a cocktail in each hand. And I'm not just saying that because all my friends are weak and still swim with arm-floaties (although they are and they do), but because I'm a mechanical bull riding expert. One time at local honkey tonk I was the first one to sign up to ride the bull for the night, and was still riding strong two hours later. I can't even tell you how many empty beer cans I got hit with, but the one that knocked me out was definitely full.

Keep going for one more shot and a fun-filled commercial.


Thanks to Chris C, who agrees there should definitely be somebody underneath the bull really making it buck.

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