I'm Freeeee: Dog Breaks Himself Out Of Vet Hospital By Opening A Bunch Of Doors On His Own

April 13, 2017


This is the security camera footage from the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia, of General the ten year old Great Pyrenees making a daring escape on the night of April 10th. And by daring escape I mean he casually opens all the doors between his kennel and the parking lot, and leaves, clearly abandoning the dog in the kennel next to him who thought they had a deal.

WJLA initially spread the word of the dog's brazen escape and asked viewers to help find him. After about 15 hours of freedom, he was found in a nearby neighborhood taking a nap in a stranger's lawn and has since been reunited with his family.

That animal hospital does not seem very high security. Also, what's up with the jump in the video's timestamp at 0:37? The time jumps from 1:54AM to 4:15AM. Is that because the security cameras are on two different networks and one's time isn't right -- or is there more to this story? I've watched enough NCIS to know that it's my aunts favorite and she'll yell at you if you don't watch in complete silence.

Keep going for two versions of the video in case the first doesn't work.

Thanks to Martin, who agrees all it takes is one clever pet on the inside to rob that animal hospital blind.

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