How To: Not Remove A Tree Stump With Your SUV

April 12, 2017


This is a short video of a couple guys trying to remove a tree stump in the desert with their SUV. Things do not go according to plan, unless their plan was to not actually remove the tree stump but SPOILER: their rear window instead. I did not see that coming. I'd already prepared myself for a variety of different outcomes before watching, but that was not one of them. Life: it's full of surprises. Like when I woke up this morning. "What happened?" I wasn't dead. "Should you be?" According to 4 out of 5 doctors, years ago. "And the other one?" He's convinced I'm a superhero and can't die.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to EL, who agrees they should have just contracted some mole-people to chew through the roots.

  • Joebags !



    They forgot to yell 'Allah-u Ackbar'

  • Josh

    Well that used to be a nice Toyota Prado. ;-P

  • Jenness

    I've seen about 20 of these, you'd think after all this time one of these people would type in "remove stump with car" just once into Google before they do it so they'd save themselves some money.

  • Perpetual Pizza


  • Will Chamberland

    Humans. Let's tear out of the ground the only living thing here.

  • GeneralDisorder

    It didn't look very alive.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I should learn to stop reading at "SPOILER"... that video could have been a whole lot more enjoyable­.

  • GeneralDisorder

    If you spend enough time on subreddits like /r/holdmybeer and /r/whatcouldgowrong you've seen about two dozen iterations of this exact scenario.

  • bobjr94

    If someone is videoing you, then you are likely doing something dumb and should stop and reevaluate the plan.

  • Daniel L Charlebois

    Best advice I've ever heard.

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