Finally, A High Quality TIE Fighter Gas Barbecue Grill

April 28, 2017


This is the officially licensed Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill sold by Starfight Direct (also available through Amazon). It weighs almost 50 pounds, uses standard 1-pound mini propane tanks, and costs $400. For reference, you can cook burgers on an overturned shopping cart for free, although the Kroger employees may yell at you.

Its Cast Aluminum body makes it easy to transport between your own backyard grilling space and your friend's house, and its Cast Iron cooking grid ensures that every patty and dog is grilled to perfection. The "eye" of this propane fueled grill boasts 220 square inches of cooking space, with two shelves on either side to hold your cooking utensils, meats, and other grilling supplies. A custom TIE Fighter analog thermometer is included in the grill to make monitoring a breeze. The TIE Fighter Grill's Stainless Steel burner is capable of up to 10,000 BTUs of heat, a true testament to the power of the Twin Ion Engine that fuels this Starfighter in Star Wars™. An Electrical Pulse Ignition offers a quick start to the grill and ensures that you'll never miss a moment of the party.

It also has Star Wars logos on the grilling surface so you can char them into your steaks or chicken or burgers or whatever the hell you're cooking. Man, this thing is going to look great next to the Millennium Falcon waffle station at my next cookout. *shrug* What can I say, I like to go all out. My parties are kind of like the Great Gatsby's, if the Great Gatsby actually knew how to throw a decent party. "I saw photos from your last party." And? "And it looked like most of the guests were stuffed animals." That was a tea party, that's different.

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Thanks to Tank, who can't rest until he knows there's a Star Wars version of everything. That...sounds like a curse.

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