Finally, A Decent Rick And Morty Edition Of Monopoly

April 11, 2017


Note: Full-size picture of the game board HERE.

Because there has to be a Monopoly version of everything, this is the Rick And Morty edition of the board game. I was actually checking out the customer photos on Amazon and it looks like it might be the best themed Monopoly game I've seen (complete with custom tokens, custom properties and full color deeds, flooble cranks and gobble boxes instead of houses and hotels, and Get Schwifty and Inter-Dimensional Cable TV cards instead of Chance and Community Chest). Of course, I haven't seen very many because I'm not in the market for another Monopoly game, I'm in the market for a monster truck. Just kidding, I'm in the market with my mom picking up a can of peeled tomatoes so she can make her famous spaghetti sauce tonight. My parents make me eat shirtless so I don't stain my clothes!

Thanks to Aaron, who agrees when it comes to Monopoly, the first person to flip the board and threaten the other players with knife wins.

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