Extermination Up Front, Reception In The Rear: A Two-Faced Dalek Wedding Cake

April 19, 2017


This is the two-sided Dalek wedding cake baked and decorated by the folks at Wellingborough, United Kingdom based Amelia Rose Cake Studio. It's half Dalek, half traditional wedding cake, 100% a must-have for any weddings I attend in the future (plus a fire swallower and a Hidden Valley Ranch fountain).

Half and half wedding cake. Half traditional white lace, fondant moulding and sugar roses - half dalek! This one got a huge amount of attention when I unveiled it at a recent wedding fayre. Based on two 4 tier cakes this one took a massive number of hours to complete.

I actually attended a wedding a couple weekends ago, and I've got to admit: I wish I'd skipped the ceremony. They're all the same. Maybe if somebody actually spoke now instead of forever holding their peace they'd be more interesting. But noooooo, when my chance finally came my girlfriend dug her fingernails so deep in my arm I started bleeding. Then she collected that blood in a vial while muttering something about 'virgin blood', and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. *shrug* The shrimp cocktail at the reception was bangin' though.

Keep going for shots directly from the front and back.



Thanks to carey, who agrees nobody should have to attend actual wedding ceremonies except for the immediate family.

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