Ding Ding!: Cats Ringing Bells For Treats

April 3, 2017


This is a video of two brother cats demonstrating their ability to ring bells to receive treats. Whatever, anybody can do that. *tries to ring bell, accidentally knocks bell of desk, bends over to pick up bell, rips pants, juicy farts, dies* Eventually, the cat on the left starts ringing his brother's bell, presumably because you get better treats for ringing that one. Is this like Pavlov's dog, but for cats? "Why are you drooling?" I don't know but I can't stop.

Keep going for the video while I start ringing every bell I can find hoping for a Slim-Jim from the sky.

Thanks to Diana K, for reminding me how thankful I am I never taught my dog to ring a bell for treats because there would never not be a bell ringing and I would be certifiably insane by now.

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