Death Wishes: Skateboarder Bombing Hills In San Francisco

April 7, 2017


Because living isn't for everyone, this is a video compilation of skateboarder Sean Greene's best bombs down super-steep San Francisco sidewalks. He goes so fast he ollies over entire sidestreets from sidewalk to sidewalk. Plus has to speed-check a bunch (which personally detracted from the bombs for me but I guess he didn't want to die that bad) and crashes and burns a few times. But does that stop him? Nooooope. Would that stop me? Yes. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even make out the front door without being stopped by my mom asking just where the hell do I think I'm going with that 'rollerboard.'

Keep going for the video while I unconsciously rub my arm where I broke it skateboarding.

Thanks to bozeman, who wants to see a unicycler do the same thing.

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