Couple's Batman Themed Baby Announcement

April 24, 2017


These are a handful of shots from James and Alisha Doherty's baby announcement photos. As you can see, Batman doesn't look too thrilled about the prospect of another mouth to feed. Did his Batcondom fail? Curse you, Lucius Fox, you said these things were foolproof! Personally, I think the best baby announcement is not saying anything until you actually have the baby, then pretending like you've had it all along. You know, because there's nothing more rewarding than making your friends and family feel like they're going crazy (I've faked my own death twice).

Keep going for a couple more shots including this photo edited into the Batcave, as well as Batman needing a beer so bad he didn't even bother to take the plastic rings off the can.





Thanks to Allyson S, who opted for a massive group text.

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