Cat Playing With Vacuum Attachment Keeps Getting Its Mouth Sucked In

April 26, 2017

This is a short video of Garfield's much more active sister Rijka repeatedly getting her mouth sucked into a vacuum hose attachment while trying to lick the air being pulled in. I particularly liked the sound her tongue makes when it's slapping around in the breeze. *shrug* I'm a simple man, with simple likes and dislikes. "What are you likes?" Pizza, tacos, sweets, video games, good happy hour specials, and the sound this cat's tongue makes. "And dislikes?" Everything else. "What about me?" I love you, that's different.

Keep going for the video while I Google if it's a proven fact that orange cats are the black sheep of the feline genus. Every one I've ever known has been...special.

Thanks to Robyn, who informed me she has a weird orange cat, which only strengthens my argument.

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