Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine Starring Yellow And Green Balls Trying To Save Their Red Brother

April 20, 2017


Remember Biisuke Ball's Big Adventure, a Rube Goldberg machine and theme song about a red ball trying to save his yellow and green brothers who were imprisoned by bigger, scarier balls? I did not, but apparently I wrote about it years ago. Sadly, that video appears to have been removed from the internet for being too awesome. Thankfully, this is Biisuke Ball's Big Adventure PART 2, with the same exciting action and exhilaration as the first, except with the roles reversed and Biisuke requiring a rescue. It's weird to think about how invested I got watching it, how much I really CARED about those balls. I've never cared about any balls in my life but two. "Your own?" What? No -- those things are useless, I meant crystal and Magic 8.

Keep going for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Sunland, who agrees balls should always stick together, especially in a hot pair of jeans.

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