Adjustable Ear Plugs With Four Levels Of Noise Control

April 26, 2017


This is the Kickstarter for Knops, a pair of ear plugs that allow you to adjust the amount of noise you hear. The plugs' outer rim can be turned to allow for four different levels of use: clear sound (no dampening), city noise, live music, and total isolation. Obviously, I'm a total isolation guy myself, but that's just me, and, like they say: no noise is good noise. "It's news, not noise." Whatever, I had my earbuds in. You can get a pair of the already-funded Knops for $62, which should ship this November. Alternatively, just cover your ears with your hands all the time like a normal person. "That's not what normal people do." I CAN'T HEAR YOU. "Take your hands off your ears." I can't, I glued them there. "Then how did you just hear me?" I read your lips. Now I'm reading your mind. "What am I thinking?" GW can't read minds! "Impressive." Thanks, it's a gift. Just kidding it's a curse everybody hates me and thinks I'm ugly and I know it.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.


Thanks to Vicky, who agrees covering your ears with layers of duct tape is another low-cost solution.

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