A Shot Looking Back At Earth Through Saturn's Rings

April 21, 2017


In pale blue dot fashion, this is a shot looking back at earth, taken from between Saturn's rings by the the Cassini spacecraft (at first I thought there were two planets, but one was just a spec of dust on my screen). The Cassini probe will experience its planned destruction on September 17th when it crashes through Saturn's atmosphere, a method of disposal chosen to prevent any biological contamination to Saturn's moons. So the Saturnian moon-tribes are probably happy about that, but I doubt the actual Saturnians will be. We'll probably wipe them out with cooties or something. "What's cooties?" It's when your butt itches so bad you try to dig up in there whenever nobody's looking. I used to get it a lot while I was younger. "Before you finally learned how to wipe?" I thought the paper was for doodling!

Keep going for a closeup (but still far, far, far away).


Thanks to Michael, who hopes the Saturnians attack the spacecraft before it reaches their atmosphere and declare war on earth.

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