A Conceptual Trailer For Rogue One's Release On VHS

April 4, 2017


Because nostalgia is all the rage these days, this is a trailer created by Damien Kazan imagining Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's release on VHS. From what I remember from old commercials, it seemed accurate. Of course I really only remember the cereal commercials they played during Saturday morning cartoons, so for all I know that Cookie Crook finally stole the Cookie Crisp and got away with it by now. TURN OF EVENTS FUN FACT: Did you know the Cookie Crook and Cookie Cop were actually both retired as Cookie Crisp mascots in 1997? Shocking, I know. I just found out right now, presumably because I haven't watched Saturday morning cartoons or had a bowl of Cookie Crisp in twenty years because joy and happiness and both dead to me. "Or you might have noticed during a trip down the cereal aisle." I'm not allowed, I throw tantrums.

Keep going for the video while I make a run to the grocery store for cereal and spray cheese and re-live the last twenty years they way they were meant to be.

Thanks to Davey, who's convinced VHS tapes and old cathode ray tube televisions are going to make a comeback, just like record players.

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