You Remind Me Of The Babe: Officially Licensed Plushie Of The Worm From Labyrinth

March 30, 2017


This is a $30 officially licensed plushie version of Jim Henson's worm from Labyrinth. You remember that worm, right? He always creeped me out. Honestly, pretty much everything about Labyrinth did. I was a very sensitive child. The Dark Crystal creeped me out too. Oh, and Sesame Street. Basically anything with nonhumans in it because I'd imagine they'd all be hiding under my bed at night waiting for me to fall asleep so they can steal my Tooth Fairy money. I earned that money fair and square! "You stole a tooth you pulled out of the biohazard disposal box at the dentist's." And that's not worth a dollar?!

Keep going for one more shot of Inigo Montoya holding the worm, for scale.


Thanks to carey, who informed me she wants a full-size plushie Jareth to cuddle at night. Wow, me too now that you mention it.

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