Yeah You Did: A Couple's 'Notice To Appear In Court' Themed Wedding Invitations

March 17, 2017


These are two shots of a couple's notice to appear in court themed wedding invitations. Apparently Redditor EXSUPERVILLAIN's aunt is marrying a sheriff, which is why they decided on the theme. I assume that's also why EXSUPERVILLAIN is an exsupervillan and not a current one. Still, if I got something like this in the mail I'd have a bag packed and be halfway to the Mexican border wearing a fake beard before I figured out it was a wedding invitation. I don't take chances. "Play a round of Russian Roulette?" Absolutely, but I get the first three shots in a row.

Thanks to Mary, who informed me her wedding invitations were little puzzles that recipients had to put together. That's cute! That's also why I got the date wrong (I suck at puzzles and just start forcing pieces after awhile).

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