WTF Was That?: 'Hi Stranger', A Relaxing Yet Unnerving Claymation Video

March 23, 2017


This is 'Hi Stranger', a claymation video written, directed and animated by Kristen Lapore and voiced by Garrett Davis. It's two and a half minutes of a claymation humanoid calling me out for looking at his butt, then trying to woo me with his seductive voice and soothing words. He even took the time to draw a picture of me, although he never let me see it. I imagine he drew me like one of Jack's French girls though. So like...are we an item now? He did tell me he loved me at the end. "He told me the same thing." I knew it! Man, he's gonna wish he was Mr. Bill when I'm through with him.

Hit the jump for the video while I take a scalding hot shower.

Thanks to Jennifer, who's not sure if that was the pep-talk she needed this morning.

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