Wizards, Elves And Merpeople: 69 New Emojis

March 28, 2017


These are the 69 newest emojis confirmed by the Unicode Consortium to be released for smartphones later this year as Emoji 5.0. Highlights include an exploding head, puking face, Mr. Peanut, breastfeeding mother, a wizard and sorceress, fairies, vampires, merpeople, elves, genies, monsters, dinosaurs, a steak, sandwich, and a UFO. Which do you think you'll be using the most? Personally, I'm not going to use any of them, because I don't update my phone. Updating your phone is just an opportunity for the government to get in there and snoop around, and the last thing I need is Uncle Sam performing a cavity search. Know what I'm saying? "You have a balloon full of stolen diamonds in your anus?" Close -- tiger's eye.

Keep going for a video tour of each new emoji.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees they need to make an emoji of the world exploding.

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