What The Hell Are Those?: $95 Mom Jeans With Clear Knee Panels

March 15, 2017


Because the world is rapidly approaching its use-or-freeze-by date, these are the Clear Knee Mom Jeans manufactured by Top Shelf and available from Nordstrom. Their "Slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel in tapered and cropped high-waist jeans." Admittedly, they do look practical for showing off your knee tattoos when you don't feel like wearing shorts. Still, $95? I've never paid more than $70 for a pair of jeans, and I only paid that because the girl at vintage clothing store swore to me they used to belong to Jim Morrison and he once pissed himself in them. There is some convincing staining and a smell. I'll let you sniff them, but don't take them all the way out of the bag.

Keep going for several more shots of the jeans.




Thanks to Dazed, who agrees you should get your mom a pair of these, she'll love them.

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