What Did You Think Was Gonna Happen?: Train Covers Waiting Passengers With Wave Of Snow

March 16, 2017


In you should have seen that coming news, this is a slow-motion video of an Amtrak train completely blanketing waiting passengers with a wave of snow in the aftermath of Winter Storm Stella. Several people move out of the way, but most just stood there obliviously filming with their smartphones, waiting to get pummeled. I assume they thought the train would be traveling much slower when it pulled into the station. Or maybe they just wanted a faceful of snow. That must have felt refreshing, like taking a cold shower in the morning to wake up. "Or because you didn't pay your electric bill and don't have any hot water." I can hear my roommate wailing in there right now.

Keep going for the video, it's even better than the screencap makes it look.

Thanks to Gregory P, who agrees there's a lesson here about not standing too close to the tracks. I never do, I'm always afraid some crazy person is going to come push me from behind.

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