What A Time To Be Alive: A Keyboard Hand Warmer

March 23, 2017


This is the Kickstarter for the $65 Envavo Heatbuff infrared hand warmer. It's a heater that keeps your hands warm while you're typing. Alternatively-- "I'm not starting a wastebasket fire." Suit yourself. You know what I do when I work for a company that keeps the office too cold? I quit. I mean, warmth and comfort is pretty low on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, if a company doesn't even have the decency to provide a comfortable work environment, what else aren't they providing? They clearly don't give a shit about you ever reaching self-actualization. "You've seriously quit jobs because the office was too cold?" Well technically I was fired for lighting wastebasket fires, but still.

Keep going for one more shot and their questionable zombie attack inspired informercial.


Thanks to Alyssa, who apparently types with mittens on because those were not words in your email.

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