Well That Was Intense: Watching Hugh Jackman Do Voice Replacement For 'Logan'

March 8, 2017


This help promote the movie, this is a video recently posted by Hugh Jackman on Twitter of him doing some ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for the recently released 'Logan'. He really gets into it (which I imagine you need to do for realism). I particularly liked all the running in place and first swinging. When reached for comment about the video, my aunt told me she would bang Hugh Jackman or or The Rock in a heartbeat. No -- in less than a heartbeat, like just the diastole phase when the heart ventricles relax and the heart fills with blood (she's a nurse). You know, so there's that.

Keep going for the video.

  • Hazakabammer

    Is it me or do you not want to have huge chips of the log you're cutting to be flying around? I would assume you want as much of the wood intact and usable as possible right? You'd want a clean cut, not a hacked out pile of chips where a third of the log was?

  • KingCraigers

    Magic ruined.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Waste of time and money. They could have just used the audio recording I took of myself on my wedding night (with my Japanese Anime body pillow)

  • Octo
  • Jenness

    Somewhere someone is going to put that video on loop, turn down the lights, lay back, close their eyes and have a listen...a very private...intense listening

  • Carter Adams

    "First swinging"?

  • PorterJustPorter

    The "A" in ADR is short for "Addidional" not "Automated". Just sayin'.

  • Bling Nye

    Looks more like "Arduous" to me.

  • Carter Adams
  • PorterJustPorter

    I work in the industry and nobody refers to the "A" in ADD as "automated." The process is either "looping" which just about everyone calls it and has done so for nearly a century.... or "additional" because it, makes some sense.

  • Brad Bukowsky

    Did you have a stoke?

  • Ollie Williams

    "This help promote the movie"

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