Weird To Look At: A Disk Coated With The Darkest Material Made

March 28, 2017


These are several shots of a disk that has been sprayed with VantaBlack S-VIS, a new sprayable version of Vantablack (previously HERE and HERE), the darkest material ever made. The original version absorbs 99.965% of light (ultraviolet, visible and infrared) that reaches it, but the new spray on version only absorbs 99.8%. That's still enough to make anything sprayed with it appear as a black hole though. The pictures all look Photoshopped, right? Well I've got news for you: they're not. Plus I'm pregnant.

Keep going for a couple shots of the disk and a BONUS statue head.




Thanks again to c, who agrees if this doesn't prove that witchcraft exists, then it doesn't exist, except it does and this is the proof.

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