Watch Straps Made With The Fur Of Your Dog Or Cat

March 29, 2017


These are several shots of the assumedly make-believe Companion Collection from the Analog Watch Co. Allegedly, for $200 and a 2 - 4 ounce bag of your pet's fur, they'll make a watch with a bezel and band covered in felted fur, so you can carry a piece of your pet around with you all day and drive coworkers with pet allergies crazy. While there's no reason why this couldn't be a real product (they had to at least make a few for the pictures), I'm pretty sure it's an April Fool's joke. And you know how I feel about April Fool's jokes. "You hate them." And you know what's even worse than an April Fool's joke? An EARLY April Fool's joke. They should be punishable by death. What the hell is wrong with people, let's boycott this company. "You really wanted that pet watch, huh?" I've been dreaming about one for years.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video.




Thanks to Tony, who wants a watch made from the bones of a slain enemy. Now you're talking my language!

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