Visions Of The Future: Guy Builds Flame-Throwing Thomas The Tank Engine Hexapod Robot

March 9, 2017


This is a video of the flame-throwing Thomas The Tank Engine hexapod robot built by just-added-to-my-shit-list Peter Sripol. Obviously, this isn't far from what you'll see lumbering down your block destroying houses in the near future. PROTIP: Aim for its eyes.

Sripol started with a robot hexapod that originally came with the ability to launch tiny foam discs--which is boring. So in addition to upgrading the electronics, servos, and motors inside it, he added a custom-built miniature flamethrower

Man, that thing is terrifying. Especially with Thomas's circus-y theme music playing in the background while he flames everything in sight. That does not sound like a circus I would want to attend. I only went to the circus once when I was a kid, and my parents made us leave early because I wouldn't stop trying to huff the cotton candy. I wanted to breathe it so bad! "You were a weird kid." Yeah, I'm just thankful I grew out of it. "What's that in your nose?" What if I told you it was a pink tissue? "I'm calling your parents."

Keep going for the video, which should automatically start at the war scene, but feel free to skip around the beginning if you want to see the build.

Thanks to GB, who agrees our only chance against the robots is John Connor, and he's not real so we're f***ed.

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