Two Fake Strongmen Dupe Local News Stations

March 30, 2017


This is a compilation video of 'strongmen' Chop and Steele duping local news stations in the midwest into inviting them for an on-air segment, then proceeding to do the dumbest shit imaginable. If the story sounds familiar, you may recall Steele (aka Kenny 'K-Strass' Strasser pulled the same bit years ago claiming to be a yo-yo master. Seriously though, do these local news stations even bother to vet their guests? Also, and even more importantly: if you're a morning news show and do decide to have an act like Chop and Steele on the program, are you really even the news anymore?

Keep going for the video ,the real highlight of which for me was when the anchorwoman throws out a "Nice!" during the woven-basket stomping portion of their demonstration (seen above, at 1:12 in the video).

Thanks to hairless, who agrees it must be nice to live in an area where so little happens that you need to fill air-time with inspirational strongmen.

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