Thirsty King Cobra Slithers Into Village Looking For Water, Gets Bottle-Fed

March 30, 2017


This is a video from drought-stricken Southern India of a 12-foot king cobra that was so thirsty it abandoned its usually antisocial tendencies and slithered into a nearby town looking for water. Amazingly, the folks who caught it let it drink from a plastic bottle before relocating the monster. Personally, I would have kissed it hoping it turned into a princess. Or a prince. Or just a wealthy merchant -- I don't care, just somebody with a lot of money to give me. Could you imagine if you were bartending and a thirsty cobra slithered into the bar? What are you doing here, pal, didn't you read the sign? "No sir, I'm a snake." Oh, well it says NO THIRSTY COBRAS ALLOWED. "And what if I told you I'm not a cobra, but a harmless garter snake?" I'd tell you I wouldn't know the difference, pull up a seat, first round's on me.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Pavel, who would have just rolled the snake a water bottle and told it to figure it out on its own.

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