There Can Be Only One: Three Animatronic Yoda Toys Do Battle

March 6, 2017


This is a video of three $200 voice-commandable Legendary Yoda toys whacking each other with their lightsticks while a cat watches (and almost takes a hit at 0:55). "Um, GW? Did you just call their lightsabers, lightsticks?" Yes I did. Apparently Youtuber DIY Prophacks managed to pick up four of the Yodas (one doesn't work) for only $20 apiece because they weren't last year's must-have Christmas present like some retailers may have believed. *eyeing dining room full of unopened Tickle Me Elmos* I thought they were making a comeback.

Keep going for the surprisingly entertaining video (full disclosure: I'm sick and medicated right now so it could actually be awful).

Thanks to Zman, who wants to see one of those Yodas fight a ceiling fan.

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