The End Of Star Wars: Rogue One Edited Seamlessly With The Beginning Of A New Hope

March 23, 2017


This is a video edited by Barre Fong to create a seamless transition from the end of Star Wars: Rogue One and the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope. Did you know the two movies were related? I did not, but I've never seen any of the Star Wars films because the cult my family grew up in detests space violence and said it would tarnish my pure, earth-born heart. "Um, what?" Help I think I'm going to be sacrificed to Gaia.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to JBM, who wants to see the same thing done with The Wrath Of Khan and Return Of The Jedi. Are you mad at me yet?

  • Shannon Peacock

    Is anyone else not the least bit impressed by this?

  • Lt. Broccoli

    Oh fade out, then we fade in. Job done. I mean, what? No one cares.

  • Bling Nye

    I think it's hilarious your pic is from Star Trek and you're so bent about this Star Wars edit. :)

  • Lt. Broccoli

    Hahaha. True.

  • It's a decent edit, but I wouldn't go as far to say it "seamlessly" marries the two. It's pretty obvious when one ends and the other begins.

  • Enkidu98

    So, in this video we are remnded that Darth Vader is capable of ripping pistols etc out of the hands of the men wielding them, but is utterly incapable ot manipulating a tiny data disk in clear sight and saving the empire from the tragic loss of this data.

    Anakin sucks. He's a horrible Darth. he only gets to be called Darth because of Sideous and his ridiculous adherence to the rule of two.

  • event

    He didn't know specifically what the plans were on or who had them... You are only privy to that info as a viewer. What he does know is there is a large number of combatants in a DIMLY lit corridor with weapons and some trying feverishly to get out. Ripping guns away and slicing through people is obvious, everything else is you reaching. The reaction shot the placed of the plans being handed over is for dumb audience members like you that have to be pandered to, in order to understand what's happening scene to scene. Typically they and exaggerated and like large numbers on a child's toy.

  • Enkidu98

    Yes, the most powerful person in the force with a midichlorian count of unseen scale can't determine which of the panicked individuals who are merely soldiers and not force sensitives trained to guard their minds, has the plans.

    Further, while most all the soldiers turn to face the breach, one seeks only to escape. (See 00:46 and 00:53 in the damn video) There are not, initially, lots of panicked soldiers struggling to get away. Instead they are ALL fighting him but ONE.

    So even without force sensitivity it is likely that this one, who is attempting to flee, while none of the others are, might be the one who has the plans.

    He didn't know what the plans were on. Except for the fact that he knew they were on a data storage device in a universe that seems to be pretty standardized. I'm guessing Darth Vader is a pretty well traveled guy, who is familiar with the various different data storage methods used in his time, especially military and diplomatic storage devices.

    Considering a goodly part of his 'career' as a Dark Lord of the Sith and right hand to the Emperor has been tracking down various rogue Jedi and political opponents.. people who might have had occasions to possess data/information on common storage devices.

    But considering this ONE GUY that was trying to get away is pushing SOMETHING through the door and yelling for someone else to take it.... again, its likely pretty obvious even without the force sensistivity to know exactly what is transpiring.

    As for the 'Dimly lit' corridor.. He's Darth Vader, whose helmet includes a number of technological things to overcome 'Dimly Lit' corridors. From the Wookiepedia, quoting official 'Star Wars' reference guides etc.. EG CANNON:

    "The optical lenses served as visual filters, allowing for Vader to
    detect infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, while also blocking out
    excess light, due to the inability to repair Vader's damaged retinas. In
    addition, the lens also came equipped with a HUD that supplied critical
    data automatically as an overlay if Vader entered new environments,
    including information about atmospheric composition, nearby
    bio-signatures, and others, which could also be selected via the mouth

    He is though, Vader, and Anakin is a whiny little reactionary bitch who often went off half-cocked so maybe he was just itching for the fun of killing him some folks.. Who knows.

    So, glad to see you had to come at me with the ad hominems and pretend to be superior. You're not, but that's cool. Just maybe consider when you're trying to be tough on the internet the odds are that a goodly number of people on the internet are as smart or smarter than yourself.

    You also seem to have missed completely the jocular nature of my initial posting. That's fine though, its not always clear on the internet. I should think though that revealing knowledge of the rule of two, Sideous instead of Emperor or Palpatine, etc, should clue you in to the fact I'm not an 'average' fan but a clueful one.

    The point is that in an effort to try to build tension, the director's/screenwriters went with some familiar tropes that DO indeed build tension in the short term but weaken the logic of the scene on later viewings or in reflection. The lore and mystique of the 'Force' and those who are super sensitive to it, who have powers and perception far beyond average by their connection to the force couldn't recognise something that was painfully obvious and should have been his first priority.

    Vader was specifically breaching this ship BECAUSE the plans had been transmitted to it. The guy who can sense another force sensitive across parsecs should be fairly easily attuned to which of these bumbling non-force sensitive oafs has the copy of the plans. He likely breached the ship at that specific location BECAUSE he honed in on the plans and who had them, not just some stupid lucky guess.

    So, the reasons the plans made it out the door in this scene is because of deus ex machina on the part of the screenwriter/director. They HAVE to make it out because the next movie SAYS they made it out. So this situation was filled with false tension purely to service a fact everyone who had seen any prior star wars movie was aware of.

    It was clumsy film-making.

  • event

    Did you write so much just to ensure that I wouldn't reply. I mean no idiot on earth is going to read this INCREDIBLY verbose reply you made... seriously wtf is wrong with you? LOSER.

  • Enkidu98

    Took very little time at all to come up with my reply. I can see from your response that you are incapable of anything but ad hominems. I'll let you go back to wanking to hentai and practicing doffing your fedora and saying 'm'lady' and wondering why women find you repulsive.

  • event

    A loser and a hypocrite... fuck you're lame.

  • Bling Nye

    I was half-wondering why he didn't just throw his saber through the opening in the door and buzz it around using the Force to kill everyone.

    BUT, since there was still some good in him, I imagine the easiest explanation is that he let the plans go on purpose. Made a good show of trying to get them back, but just enough to keep from arousing suspicions...

  • Lt. Broccoli

    makes zero sense that the princess is even on that ship! And whats the big deal here, fade to black and cut out the scroll?? Who cares Rouge One was garbage.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Your MOM was garbage.


  • "#CheckMateAtheists"
    Why must you?

  • TheQiwiMan

    Because it never ceases to make me chuckle, shoehorning in that idiotic hash tag completely at random.

  • Lt. Broccoli

    That may or may not be true. Fact still remains Rouge One is garbage. Snore fest!

  • TheQiwiMan

    I like you. We are friends now.

  • PMB01

    That's anything but a fact. In fact, the critics and box office say you're wrong.

  • Lt. Broccoli

    Oh, you're right. My bad...

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