The Circle Of Life (Is Brutal): Group Of Migrating Spider Crabs Rip Apart An Octopus

March 7, 2017


This is a video of a gang of migrating spider crabs who've manage to get their claws on an octopus and proceed to try to tear its tentacles off. Brutal! Obviously, it has not been a good month for octopuses in octopus vs crab battles. Was the octopus already dead? Did it try attacking the crabs and the crabs turned the tables on it or what? I need answers. *calls Aquaman* Hey bro, did you see that video of the spider crabs and octopus? Yeah, about that -- have you ever seen any naked mermaid breasts in real life? Hello? HELLO? Man, I really thought I had him that time.

Keep going for the video while I focus on being a good enough person in this life to not be reincarnated as a crab or octopus.

Thanks to CM, who's convinced the circle of life may in fact not be a circle at all, but Pac-Man shaped with a giant gaping mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

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