The Boa, A Sofa Made Out Of Giant Knots You Can Wrap Yourself Up In

March 2, 2017


Seen here being modeled by a nudist woman and her neighbor who she invited over for a glass of wine no strings attached, this is the Boa Sofa designed by Campana Brothers, manufactured by Edra, and available from Switch Modern. It's a frameless sofa made "of a 100 meters of tubular velvet filled with polyurethane chips and goose down" that's "knotted with extreme manual expertise by four people simultaneously to form a large irregular weave." The sofa comes in small ($38,900 - $ 46,100) and large ($52,000 - $ 62,100) sizes in a variety of colors and is also available with a flame retardant foam filling for an additional upcharge. You know, in case you're the kind of person who can't relax without setting your couch on fire. Did they use one of these in that 50 Shades Grayer movie? "It's 50 Shades Darker." Whatever, my point is this looks almost impossible to get sex stains out of, despite the fact it looks like it was practically made for getting knotty. "Great pun, GW." I'm an idiot and we all know it.

Keep going for a handful more shots including one of two bros keeping their distance from each other so they don't accidentally start kissing.






Thanks to Sima, who agrees that is not the couch you want to be trapped in when there's a house fire, even if you did opt for the flame retardant filling.

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