That Was Glorious: The First Front Flip Landed In A Monster Truck

March 27, 2017


This is a video of driver Lee O'Donnell landing a front flip in the Mad Scientist monster truck during the recent Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship in Las Vegas. The flip helped secure Lee a first place victory in the competition. Man, I wish I went to more monster truck rallies. I've only ever been to one, and I got so drunk I picked a fight with the guy sitting in front of me. "You were six." I know, growing up in Alabama you were allowed to drink when you were four as long as you were at a monster truck rally or WWF wrestling match.

Keep going for a short video of the flip, as well as a video of the whole performance that has a better view of the flip at 2:12. Also, I like the half backflip at the very end.

Thanks to Gregory, who's asked for a monster truck for every single birthday with zero luck. Maybe this is your year!

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