Bless You, Internet: A Ten Minute Compilation Of News Reporters Drawing Wieners On-Air

March 23, 2017


Because once in a blue moon the internet briefly stops being such a cesspool and graces us with a video as pure as the driven snow, this is a ten minute compilation of news anchors drawing penises on-air. It is quite possibly the first ten minute Youtube video I've watch in its entirety. And not just once -- oh no -- like an all-you-can-eat buffet, I went back for seconds, thirds, and a partial plate of fourths. "Did you save room for soft serve?" Please, you don't have to save room for soft serve, it oozes between the cracks of all the other shit you just ate. I feel sick.

Keep going for the video that aliens will one day attribute to the only good reason for building the internet.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who informed me a lot of the anchors don't realize what they've drawn because they can't actually see their own writing. Well, it sounds like they need to start teaching 'Did You Just Draw A Penis? 101' in journalism school.

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