Sobro: A Coffee Table With Fridge, BlueTooth Speakers, LED Lights And Charging Ports

March 20, 2017


This is the Kickstarter for the Sobro, a $500 modern coffee table that includes a 24-bottle refrigerated drawer, dual Bluetooth speakers, LED light effects beneath the table, two USB charging ports, two standard electrical outlets, and a tempered glass top with touch-controls. Unfortunately, it does not come with an electrical outlet in the middle of your living room, so you're going to need to run its plug to a wall. Just make sure its out of the way so you're not constantly tripping over it. The table also doesn't include a microwave or stovetop cooking surface, which is a shame because how am I supposed to cook all the food I keep in the fridge -- walk it back into the kitchen? That's counter-convenient. Close, but no cigar. If this were Shark Tank, I'd give you $80 for 200% of your business and a ride to the mall whenever I want one.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video.



Thanks to blue16, who just wants a coffee table that doesn't shatter when I try to breakdance on it. I still have glass in my hip.

  • Amy

    which company this brand belongs to ? love the design and want to sell it

  • Dan

    I think you're missing the point somewhat - this is obviously intended for media rooms that aren't located right next door to the kitchen and where a bar fridge might look silly.

  • Greg

    Lacks a microwave. For $500, it has to have one of those.

  • Logannis

    If this was really the modern day equivalent, they'd have wireless charging for our electronics available too.

  • GeneralDisorder

    This seems wildly impractical. I sort of wonder how loud the damned thing is too. My refrigerator recently crapped out so I found a freebie until I could fix mine. I don't have a huge house although it's not tiny either.

    So I put the freebie in my dining room which is open to the living room. It's god damned annoying how much noise that thing cranks out.

  • TheQiwiMan

    This is awesome.

    Do want.

    Why we gotta be stuck with boring furniture that our ancestors hundreds of years ago had? We figured out how to put lightning in stuff! We live in da fewchah! Time to start interior decorating like it!

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    do the Starship Troopers method and just paint everything silver. Instant future.

  • Michael Knight

    so, it's like the 'coolest' cooler, but made for your living room. yeah, and you all know how screwed they screwed their backers on that one...

  • GeneralDisorder

    I only know of that because of YouTuber iDubbz,

  • Jenness

    GW is right about the cord - that would be a huge pain

  • Matt

    just install a floor box power outlet

  • Jenness

    Meh, too much work. I'd rather trip and sue the manufacturer because it's more fun to be a perpetual useless victim who bleeds the life out of everyone else complaining about non-existent microaggressions.

  • D3Fd0ck

    just get a rug :/

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