Robots To Wear Human Skin To Prepare It For Transplants

March 3, 2017


Biochemical researchers Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy and Andrew Carr at The University Of Oxford in England have suggested we start grafting lab-grown skin and muscle tissues to robots before finally transplanting it to humans so that it can experience the movement, stress and strain of actual use, unlike current grafts that are used straight from the culturing environment. So, yeah, robots wearing human skin. Things are getting weird.

Today sheets of cells are grown in stagnant tanks, but these "fail to mimic the real mechanical environment for cells," say the scientists.

Growing muscles and tendons on a humanoid like the University of Tokyo's Kenshiro robot however, would allow transplants to work because it has "structures, dimensions, and mechanics similar to those of the human body," say Mouthuy and Carr.

No word what happens when it's eventually time to remove the skin from the robot and it decides it doesn't want it removed, but my guess is the robot apocalypse begins. You have been warned. Now, if you don't mind *donning space helmet* I have a date with the sun that I don't want to miss.

Thanks to Thaylor H and Mark V, who agrees the only robots that should be wearing skin are sex robots, and that skin should be silicone and smell like jasmine.

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