Robotic Musician Listens To Other Band Members, Provides Improvised Accompaniment

March 22, 2017


These are several video demonstrations of the robotic marimba player developed by engineers at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology. The robot listens to the music the other performers are playing, then uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provided an appropriate improvised accompaniment, complete with jazzy head-bobbing. Admittedly, it does a pretty good job. Granted not a good enough job to join my band, but there's no place for a robot in a band full of guitar-shredding, hard-partying animals like us anyways. You wouldn't even believe what happened at the last hotel we stayed at on tour. "The front desk forgot your wake-up call and you missed the free continental breakfast?" ROCKSTAR STATUS.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to hazy_patch, who's always terrifying to drive through in the morning because I'm afraid I'm going to hit a deer.

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