Playing King Of The Island (Hill) Inside Zorb Balls

March 2, 2017


Because life is a constant fun-filled vacation for some people, this is a video of Devin Supertramp and his merry band of misfits playing King Of The Island inside Zorb Balls. It looks like fun, albeit a great way to scrape and bruise your shins and knees. I'm not sure what the winner received, but I assume control of their tribe and the desire to drop a boulder on Piggy. You know, like in Lord Of The Flies. "We get it, GW, you graduated ninth grade." Graduated is such a strong word.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Alex, who plans on doing the same thing with those giant sumo wrestler suits. Me? I plan on doing the same thing in full medieval armor so anybody who gets knocked off drowns.

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