Playing King Of The Island (Hill) Inside Zorb Balls

March 2, 2017


Because life is a constant fun-filled vacation for some people, this is a video of Devin Supertramp and his merry band of misfits playing King Of The Island inside Zorb Balls. It looks like fun, albeit a great way to scrape and bruise your shins and knees. I'm not sure what the winner received, but I assume control of their tribe and the desire to drop a boulder on Piggy. You know, like in Lord Of The Flies. "We get it, GW, you graduated ninth grade." Graduated is such a strong word.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Alex, who plans on doing the same thing with those giant sumo wrestler suits. Me? I plan on doing the same thing in full medieval armor so anybody who gets knocked off drowns.

  • MoonshineGFT

    Instantly made me think of Bumber Balls n Mario Party.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I love finding new creative ways to have fun, this looks awesome. :-D

  • Jenness

    You really have to have excellent core and hand grip strength because if you don't hold on and pick your feet up quickly when you fall you'll crunch your legs and ankles. Great video but think most people would only do this on a flat sand bar and not where you roll off an 8-10 foot hard rock slope into rocky shallow water.

  • MustacheHam

    This does look fun and indeed a bit of a bruiser.
    Odd as this sounds my brain decides to reference this with Mario Party game.

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