Oh, Pennywise: It Remake Gets Its First Trailer

March 29, 2017


This is the first trailer for the remake of Stephen King's It. I thought it actually looked pretty promising (I liked the scary bit at the end!), but I'm no movie expert, and, if we're being completely honest like I'm supposed to be with my therapist but never am because I know she's secretly judging me, I've never actually seen a movie. They're all too long. Plus I don't like sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers unless I'm participating in a séance to communicate with somebody's dead aunt so we can find out where she buried all the money. "How's that working out for you?" It was a jar of pennies and now her spirit won't leave my house.

Keep going for the trailer.

Thanks to Joseph A and n0nentity, who already looking forward to the remake-remake.

  • David Bass

    OMG I'm telling Freddy Krueger right now hes gonna be so freakn pised.

  • Jenness

    I'm going to nope out on this one. I hate clowns, always have, always will because my evil-meter has known since I was a baby that they are all demons and need to be destroyed.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Pennywise looks like Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen.

  • Meh

    I remember seeing this when i was 11 or around that time. Now I'm thinking, do we really need a redone movie again?

  • Daniel L Charlebois

    Tim Curry did just fine at scaring the crap out of me.

  • Kazuka Roo

    that clown looks like a rapist

  • Kaye Ting

    this is going to resurrect those dumb asses running around dressed as clown again.

  • Mr. Popo

    What if all was just a meticulous viral campaing for this movie, uh? What if clowns don't actually exist and they are all just a collective allucination?... What if all these squares make a circle?!

  • Steven Newton

    Wow that looks bad, the sped-up shot speed on Pennywise charging the viewer is so awful and the youngest kid actor legitimately didn't seem to know how to convey emotion.

    "Thanks Georgie." *expressionless hug, close eye mid-hug*
    "You'll float too!" *apparently yelled in a rage but doesn't seem angry?*

    And the terrible acting during the projector scene, ugh.

    I'll definitely skip ticket price on this one.

  • Deplorable Erik Dee

    Kids suck at acting. I always point to Phantom Menace as a perfect example. Pure awful.

  • FearlessFarris

    Yeah, the acting seems marginal. I try to avoid taking it out entirely on the actors in any Stephen King movie, since the dialogue is usually garbage.

    King is great at writing page-turners, and outstanding at inventing unique scenarios for horror plot devices. He is terrible at writing convincing human dialogue, however, and most of his novel-length stories suffer from very weak endings.

    I do like the new look for Pennywise, though.

  • TheQiwiMan

    That looks amazing. And I'm not even a fan of horror movies. (..maybe that's why I think it looks amazing..? Any true horror fans wanna weigh in?)

  • Billy Sotherden

    It seems very subdued for a trailer, which reflects well on the movie. Love the wide shots that give you a sense of area and setting. Well paced and enough scares to give you an idea of the tone of the film. Looking forward to this one after all the bad press and hype it received.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Awwww... I was gunna upvote your comment but I see you upvoted it for me already. :-(

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