Now You're Talking: Fireproof Human Skulls For Your Gas Fireplace/Fire Pit

March 17, 2017


These are the Myard DELUXE Imitated Human Skull Logs for use in natural gas or liquid propane fireplaces/fire pits. Each skull is made "from heat-tolerant ceramic and lava granules, layered over a steel structure" and (unfortunately) costs $65. So that's at least a $715 pile of skulls there in the picture, making it significantly cheaper to just borrow a shovel and meet me in the graveyard after dark. "We're not digging up graves." *wink* Of course we aren't (see you at midnight, I'll be hooting like an owl).

Keep going for two more shots, including a white version that, at least in my opinion, doesn't look as good.



Thanks to Stevie, who agrees nothing ties a room together quite like a fireplace full of burning skulls. Amen to that.

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