Nintendo Switch Pro Controller's Hidden Message

March 6, 2017


Apparently every Nintendo Switch Pro controller has a small, hidden message printed above the right nipple stick. It reads 'thnx2 allgamefans!' So that's exciting. How is that new Zelda game, by the way? I heard it's amazing. I'm waiting for a friend to buy a Switch and then throw a masquerade party so I can steal it and they'll have to tell the police it was the guy in a penis mask, which I will have already disposed of because I'm a professional criminal like Cat Woman or Bonnie and Clyde except just Clyde because I don't work with a partner because I don't like splitting up my loot.

Keep going for a closer-up.


Thanks to CJ, who's convinced this is an anti-counterfeit measure like those little plastic strips in new bills.

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