New Largest Dinosaur Footprint Discovered In Australia

March 28, 2017


Seen here looking suspiciously like just the ground, this is allegedly a shot (with outline and color added)of the largest dinosaur footprint discovered to date, unearthed in a region of Australia nicknamed 'Australia's Jurassic Park', which is a misnomer because all the dinosaurs there have been dead for tens of millions of years. What a disappointing vacation that would be. I'd demand a full refund for the cost of admission, plus steal as many bones as I could carry, which is a lot because I'm actually a donkey. This particular footprint measures a staggering 5-feet 9-inches in length, or roughly the size your penis would be after two reduction surgeries. Feel free to use that quote on your résumé if you want to.

Thanks to c, who wants to know how you tell a dinosaur footprint from a hole in the ground.

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