My God Did That Smell Good: How To Make Jake's Perfect Sandwich From Adventure Time

March 27, 2017


In less terrifying Adventure Time news, this is a video of chef Andrew Rea constructing Jake's twelve component perfect sandwich from Adventure Time. It looks amazing. Perhaps even more amazing considering I already know my lunch today is going to be half a stale bagel with no cream cheese and whatever I can get out of the vending machine for 65 cents and a running jumpkick.

Keep going for the video, as well as the sandwich scene from the cartoon for reference and G.I. Joe's Pork Chop Sandwiches (NSFW) because I have to watch it at least six times a day or I'll turn into a steaming horse turd (an old witch's curse for picking flowers from her garden).

Thanks to carey, who agrees the best sandwiches are the ones made by a lover who yells from the kitchen to say they're making a sandwich and asks if you want one too.

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